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Roussillon Béatrice

Assistant Professor
Office phone: 04 76 82 78 82
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Research Interests:

Environmental Economics and IO: labelling programs, disclosure and self-selection model.  


Experimental Economics: signals and Bayesian revisions, consumer behavior.


Current and Past Positions:

2010-.... Lecturer at the University of Grenoble


2009 - 2010 Lecturer in Environmental Economics at the University of Manchester.


2007-2009 Research and Teaching fellow, IAE, University of Lyon


2004-2007 Research and Teaching assistant (Allocataire de recherche).



Lecture in International Economics,


Lecture in General Economics (basic Micro and Macro)


Lecture in Economics of Competition


Lecture on Ecology, Environment and Economy (Graduate, Msc Environmental Economics)


Lecture on the Climate Change Economics shared with Noel Russell. (2nd year B.A. Economics sciences) 

Kortelainen, M.;Raychaudhuri, J.;Roussillon, B. (2016). « Effects of carbon reduction labels: evidence from scanner data » - Economic Inquiry , vol. 54, n° 2, pp. 1167-1187.
Harbaug, R.;Maxwell, J.W.;Roussillon, B. (2011). « Label confusion : the Groucho effect of uncertain standards » - Management Science , vol. 57, n° 9, pp. 1512-1527.
Poinas, F.;Rosaz, J.;Roussillon, B. (2012). « Updating beliefs with imperfect signals : experimental evidence » - Journal of Risk and Uncertainty , vol. 44, n° 3, pp. 219-241.

Working papers

Kortelainen, M., J., Raychaudhuri and B. Roussillon (2013). « Price Impacts of Carbon Reduction Labels: Evidence From Scanner Data. » Discussion Paper Series, EDP-1309, The University of Manchester. Soumis (Envoyé pour convocation)

Bos O, B., Roussillon and P. Schweinzer (2013). « Agreeing on efficient emissions reduction » CESifo Working Paper Series, 4345, CESifo Group Munich. Soumis (Envoyé pour convocation)

Fleckinger, P., B., Roussillon and P. Schweinzer (2012). « Endogenous expert advice through labelling contests for credence goods. » Discussion paper.

Roussillon, B. (2009) « Green labelling and Market Segmentation. » Discussion paper.


Working in Progress

Abdourahman, I., S., Lemarié and B. Roussillon (2013). « The strategic interaction between commercial seed varieties and farmer varieties: a horizontal product differentiation model. »

Roussillon B. and S. Teyssier (2014). « Is tax and label a good regulation mix? »

Roussillon B. and S. Teyssier (2014). « Sub-additive attributes and the monopoly multi-products strategy. »

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